Simple Tools to Use for Nail Art Dotting

Polka dots nail art has become very popular lately. This type of nail art is easy, fun and looks great. Another wonderful thing about polka dot nails is that you don’t need any special tools; it can be done at home using a toothpick or a bobby pin which are some of the simple tools to use for nail art dotting.

It may look complicated but it is actually really easy and unlike other nail art ideas, it doesn’t require much skill or patience.

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If you want to make this classic old polka dots look more exciting, you can add your touch of creativity and mix polka dots with different designs.

With the fun and easy polka dot designs you can transform your simple nail polish into a fancy and classy manicure. If you have seen girls with attractive polka dot nail art and wondered how you can get it too, here are some ideas that would help you get the most beautiful polka dot nails.


Simple Tools to Use for Nail Art Dotting


# Paint Brush


A paintbrush is a brush used to apply paint or sometimes ink. A paintbrush is usually made by clamping the bristles to a handle with a ferrule. Paint brushes can be used to make larger dots. You can use makeup brushes as well to get clean large dots on your nails.


# All Pins


All pins are a fantastic nail art dotting tool. You can use simple all pins and also the fancy ones to play with different designs. The back end of these pins creates different sized dots which is a wonderful tool to use for nail art dotting.


# Bobby Pins


A bobby pin is a type of hairpin, usually of metal or plastic, used in coiffure to hold hair in place. This ignored hair pin can help you customize attractive nail art dotting designs easily. Dip one end of the hair pin in your favorite nail color and get clean dots in no time.


# Toothpick


A toothpick is a small stick of wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, bone or other substance used to remove detritus from the teeth, usually after a meal. Toothpicks are a gem in the list of home tools for creating nail art. Both the ends can be used to create dot patterns. The sharper edge gives very small dots that can be lined in a circle to get a professional nail art design. You can also create different patterns like floral dots, parallel designs and much more with precision, using the sharper edge of a toothpick.


# Safety Pins


The safety pin is a variation of the regular pin which includes a simple spring mechanism and a clasp. Safety pins also make a fantastic nail art dotting tool. Stretch the two ends wide apart to ensure you don’t get hurt. Use the pointed tip of the safety pin to create ultra small dots. Dip the pointed end in a nail polish tub and create fancy dot designs in a heartbeat.

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