Tips and ideas to apply nail polish perfectly

Taking good care of nails is also one among the amazing tips to stay updated with beauty and hygiene care factor. We all must have bought nail polish from the market and even have applied the same. But, very less people can apply nail polish coat perfectly.

nail apply nail polish

Sometimes the coats are too light to fade away and sometime it becomes too dark to haunt your around.

We all have been applying nail polish over our hand nails. Some of us are still not aware of the right way to apply nail polish. You can find nail polish parlours in different countries where the beauticians do apply nail polish in a perfect way.


Let us find out the ways- how to apply nail polish perfectly over the nail


No to harsh chemical


Before applying new polish on your fingernails, you’ll want to remove the old one. Rather than using a rough acetone solution, look for non-acetone polish removers.

This will hold your fasteners healthy and shiny. To remove polish without initiating impairment, be certain to wipe polish away with a cotton pad that won’t rub the exterior of the fastener.


Always use a coat


To keep your nails from turning unhealthy yellow shadow, apply a base nail polish coat before you apply any tinted nail polish. Start at the white half-moon overhead the cuticle and apply in an upward direction. Let the base coat dry for 4 to 5 minutes before applying the tinted nail color.


Apply two coats of polish


For an expert, salon-quality complete look, be certain to apply two coats of nail polish, Remember to allow each coat to dry before you apply the next one. This will help you from messing up your manicure.


Let your nails dry


While sitting round doing nothing can be dull, but it’s the only way to make sure you don’t smudge your polish after applying it.


Easy guide and tutorial to apply nail polish


Step 1

The first step will be to place your hand over a steady material, like a table, bed or a tough object for good support so that while applying the nail polish, it does not spread to your skin adjoining your nails.


Step 2

Now, start applying the nail polish over your fingers slowly and steadily. While applying the nail polish you might see the polish going over the extreme corner of the nails and even in the cuticles.


Step 3

After applying first coat of your nail polish, do not apply the second coat immediately. Rather, you need to wait for at least ½ an hour to 1 hour time to let the first coat dry up completely. Then you must apply the second coat of the nail polish.


Step 4

After applying the nail color according to your choice, you need to apply a clear or transparent nail color over it. This is done to create a protective layer over your nail color.


Step 5

Now after applying the transparent nail paint, you need to prepare a sink with hot water and soap. It will be soapy water filled with bubbles. Just like the preparation made with washing powder before soaking clothes for washing.


Step 6

Now wash your hand with the soap water so formed and give a mild massage to the skin around your nails. Now, take an old sponge or old cotton cloth and rub your fingers with the same. This will help eradicating the excess color that has come out of the boundary of nails and touched your skin.


Step 7

Now wash your hand with cold water and let it dry. You can easily see the nail color getting set on your hand. Since you have washed your hand with hot water, the nail paint that is wrongly put over your skin will be removed.

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