Tips for Hair Care in Winter

In winters the hair tend to become dry, frizzy and rough. Special hair care in winter is essential to maintain the moisture in the hair and give them proper nourishment to stay healthy and shining.

With the dry air in winter the hair become damaged and much more by the use of hats, dryers and other heat treatments. There is hair loss and development of split ends.

 hair care in winter

Today not only women but men are also very well focused of their hair care sessions. Even they are very tensed about variety of hair problems which women are facing invariably here are tips for hair care in winter.

During winter, along with your skin, your hair also tends to get frizzy and lusterless. It will really become rough and dull. Since your scalp becomes dry, there is a good chance that it can give rise to dandruff.


Tips for Hair Care in Winter


#Wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from the cold and wind. These will keep the moisture of your hair intact and there will be no loss of moisture from hair strands.

#Avoid washing your hair in hot water. Use warm or cool water instead. Washing hair with very hot water will take off the natural covering of oil from your hair and give it a dry texture.

#Trimming the ends of the hair once a month in winters helps to avoid split ends and protects the hair shaft.


#Almond oil

Essential oils are good for skin and hair. Almond has got vitamin E and D that are good for keeping dryness away from your body. Moisturize your hair with almond oil to turn the frizzy hairs into soft and shiny mass on your head. Take this oil and massage on your scalp. Let the oil stay for the night and then wash in lukewarm water at the morning. You will find your hair getting stronger and shine with health.


#Olive Oil

Warm two tsp of olive oil and massage it slowly through your scalp. This slow massaging helps the oil penetrate deep into the roots. A warm olive oil massage will give your hair shine and remove dandruff and frizz, while also controlling hair breakage.


#Rosemary herbs and coconut oil

The hair growth can be strengthened by rosemary herbs and coconut is good for nourishing the hair roots. This mixture of rosemary and coconut oil can be applied in your scalp during the winter season. This helps in hair growth and fights hair fall that can give rise to alopecia.



Winters make your scalp go dry and itchy there have to be hair care in winter, and with little moisture in the air, the scalp will start getting flaky and extra dry, leading to dandruff. Take lemon and squeeze it, apply this lemon juice on your scalp first, rubbing it over and through your scalp, and then massage completely with the heated hair oil.

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