Wonderful tips for Skin Care in Winter (Winter beauty tips)

Winter is one such season which not only brings nice experiences for heart and mind but also brings uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet it becomes important to skin care in winter. With the temperature drop, the humidity level drops as well and our skin becomes parched due to dry air. Beutyblog is here for amazing winter beauty tips and skin care in winter.

winter-skin  tips skin care in winter


We should be very careful and attentive to our skin as it readily reacts to the atmospheric humidity and dampness. This leads to skin dryness and unnecessary pimple growth.


The reasons for skin dryness are several. Here we have listed out a few common causes for skin dryness.

  • Cold air has less moisture than warm or hot air. Therefore cold air during winter can immensely affect our skin by making it dry.
  • A hot shower during winter can leave the skin dry, flaky, and itchy.
  • Hot drinks like coffee contain caffeine that can dry the skin from the inside.
  • Warm winter clothing can cause irritation and can leave the skin itchy it is important to skin care in winter.
  • Although we do not feel the heat of the sun during winter, yet the presence of ultra violet radiation can damage our skin.


Tips for Skin Care in Winter and Face Care in Winter


Identify Your Skin Type

The first and foremost step to face care in winter, skin care in winter or summer, is to know your skin type. This way you can identify which products will and won’t work for your skin and make sure you’re spending your hard earned cash in the right places.

Skincare types range from oily, dry and tight with the majority falling somewhere between the middle, often dealing with a combination of the two.


Water is the Key for skin care in winter

Drink lot of water and stay hydrated. Water should be a priority in spite of a cold weather. Do not think that it is only during summer that one has to be hydrated. Skin care during winter requires your skin to be hydrated and moisturized well and this is possible only by drinking lot of water.


Moisturize daily and nightly

Cold conditions can make you loose natural moisture of your skin. So its better to to opt for a skincare routine in the morning and at night by moisturizing your skin with a nice moisturizer.


Hair care in winter

Hair gets dry and fizzy in winters because of cold temperatures and lack of moisture; so cover your head when you move out and oil and condition your hair more frequently.


Lip Care in winter

Use a moisturising lip balm or petroleum jelly to avoid chapped lips. Always carry it along and re-apply whenever necessary. Avoid licking the chapped lips as this will chap them even more.


Avoid hot showers and baths

It may be very tempting to stay in the shower for twenty minutes enjoying the warmth but hot water can strip your skin of moisture. Try and limit showers and baths to ten minutes and keep the water mid to lukewarm.



Use the sunscreen often and do not leave home without it. Sunscreen is a basic protection and is not to be used only in summer. It is a must do for winter skin care too.


Eye Care in winter

The skin around eyes is one of those areas that has a huge effect on whether we look healthy and refreshed or tired and run down. In winter, we are even more likely to see dark circles appearing.

The cold ball used on roll ons helps to reduce swelling around the eyes in the morning as the product protects skin and gives your eyes that extra spark.



Exercise and workout in winter can be difficult but do it for your skin. Exercising regularly will improve circulation and give your skin more colour.

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